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Peace of mind is our business
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"I live in New Jersey but keep my 52' Davis Sport fish down in Fort Lauderdale for the winter season. I received a call from my Marine Magellan system alerting me to low battery voltage. It turns out that after my maintenance company sea trialed the boat for me, they forgot to turn the battery charger breaker back on. As a result my batteries were draining and almost dead. The breaker was turned back on, the batteries got charged back up and most importantly my fishing trip the next day was not cancelled. Even though I pay a maintenance company to take care of my boat, it gives me peace of mind knowing that the Marine Magellan is watching over them."
Paul N, River Edge, NJ / Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Less than 48 hours after the installation of my Magellan was completed, and my boat was put into the water for the season, I received a call on my cell phone from a number I did not immediately recognize. When I answered, I heard "Moonstruck, High Water". The second number it called was my rigger and he was at the boat by the time I called him. The float switch wiring on my bilge pump had come loose and indeed there was high water. Thanks to the Marine Magellan, it was fixed before there was any damage what so ever - a great system."
Darold M. Kemah, Texas

"I received a call from my boat 24 hours before I was to arrive to it in Florida. "M/Y Toolin Around, A/C power failure". I called the dockmaster for the marina and was told that they were working on the docks and the power will be out for while. I called a friend and he started the generator for me. I have a new level of comfort regarding the boat, especially when I'm up north."
Tom S. Newport, RI

"I received a call at 2a.m. from my boat, "M/Y Bravo, cockpit beam sensor intrusion"; I connected to the speaker phone and advised the intruders that I was contacting the police. The police arrived at the marina, arrested the intruders and found that they had burglarized many boats in the marina. I was happy to see that the Marine Magellan system did everything promised and prevented any damage or burglary from happening on my boat. The Marine Magellan just paid for itself in my book."
Lester H. Hampton, VA

"I installed a Magellan system on my boat for peace of mind. I am now able to relax knowing that when I leave my boat that unless I receive a phone call everything is ok. I also have it programmed to call me when my captain or children arm / disarm the system. Every boat I own from now on will have a Magellan system on board."
Paul T. West Haven, CT




Paradox Marine

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Paradox Marine is the exclusive marine distributor of the Marine Magellan wireless boat alarm and vessel monitoring system for Paradox Security Systems. Paradox is and has been a leader in wireless security since 1989. Paradox Security Systems are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.
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