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Vessel Tracker, Boat GPS
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    Wireless Security, Monitoring & Surveillance with 2 way voice communications through our 3G Quad band GSM Voice & Data Communicator

    Wireless Security
    & Monitoring with 2 way voice communications through our
    3G Quad band GSM Voice & Data Communicator

    Wireless Security with 3G Quad band GSM Voice & Data Communicator

  • NAV-TRACKER 1 The GOST NAV-TRACKER 1.0 is the most basic version of the system available.

  • NT 2.0
    The GOST NAV-TRACKER 2.0 is our most popular GPS tracking system.

  • NT-Evolution
    Wireless Security, Monitoring and GPS tracking -The NT Evolution is the newest member of GOST's vast range of security, monitoring, tracking & surveillance systems.

  • GOST Watch
    Surveillance, GEVDO Communicator, GOST Watch A/D Converter, GW-Gateway, GOST-IP67 3.6mm Camera

  • Cameras
    Analog Cameras &
    IP Cameras

  • Acoustics
    Acoustic Barriers, Inferno Intenso Marines, Wireless Sirens & Strobe

  • GOST Cloak
    GOST Cloak

  • GOST Immobilizer
    The new innovative GOST Immobilizer by Paradox Marine is a simple yet effective device for protecting tenders, outboard boats, or Jet Skis from theft.


Ocean Security Technologies, Marine Monitoring & Alarms

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Global Positioning System.  Global Ocean Security are widely used as monitoring devices.  GOST carries quality GPS systems for all boat aficionados. The features of each Nav-Tracker & Marine Magellan GPS are outstanding!

The Nav-Tracker 2.0 will keep you informed of your boat's location through a GPS service provided by the new Inmarsat Isat M2M service.

Real-Time GPS Monitoring!

The Marine Magellan Ship Alarm, Boat Security and Vessel Monitoring Systems by GOST provides the finest in wireless security for your boat .

This state-of-the-art wireless boat alarms and boat monitoring system comes with GPS vessel satellite tracking and complete internet access.

Marine Security you control.

• The Marine Magellan Insight Boat Security Alarm and Ocean Security Technologies includes all the components needed to help protect you secure boat from theft unauthorized access and sinking.

• The Marine Magellan Insight Boat Alarms and Monitoring System  links you directly to your boat no matter where you are in the world. You receive instant reports via voice, email or text message. Your secure personal web page shows vessel status, alarm history and event locations. Set safety zone boundaries and even control AC/DC accessories directly from your own computer.

• The freedom and liberty that you get from your boat can now be secured with GOST’s range of marine security and vessel monitoring systems and packages.

Aboard or afar, you’re right there.

Boat Alarm

GOST Marine is the exclusive marine distributor of the Marine Magellan wireless boat alarm and vessel monitoring system for GOST Security Systems. . GOST is and has been a leader in wireless security since 1989. . GOST Security Systems are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.
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