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Imagine not only having peace of mind knowing your boat is secure with the Marine Magellan Boat Alarm and Vessel Tracking System (Monitoring) installed, but also being able to turn the lights on and off while away or start the ice chipper in your bait well long before you arrive for your sport fishing excursion. That's only part of it...

Vessel TrackerMarine Magellan Boat Alarms and Vessel Monitoring Systems
are all in one wireless boat alarm systems that combine high security and yacht tracking applications with ease of use and unique consumer features including a designer look you would never associate with boat security.

The Marine Magellan Ship Security and Yacht Tracking System's wireless sensors monitor and help prevent intrusion, high water, AC power loss, low battery voltage and more.

Should any of the Marine Magellan's wireless sensors be triggered, it will call you and play a recorded voice message of the event. What better way to protect your boat and your most precious on-board assets aboard or afar...

Yacht Tracking


Vessel Tracking & Monitoring for your retrieval

Satellite Yacht Tracker using GPS technology

Boat Alarms, state of the art...

Wireless plug n’ go remote Fleet Trackers that anyone can install in less than 30 minutes. When an alarm is activated, the systems will text message your cell phone and/or send you an email. The system communicates to you anywhere cell phone coverage exists.

We have a wireless yacht monitoring system and not a fixed hard wired system, it can also be used to monitor your home, cottage, business, plane, RV and camper.

Wireless Vessel Tracker Systems!

Vessel Alarms, Boat Alarms and Vessel Monitoring Systems by Paradox Marine provides the finest in wireless for your boat .

This state-of-the-art wireless fleet alarm and boat monitoring system comes with GPS vessel satellite tracking and complete internet access.

Marine Security you control.

• The Marine Magellan Insight Boat Security Alarm and Vessel Monitoring System includes all the components needed to help protect you secure boat from theft unauthorized access and sinking.

• The Marine Magellan Insight Yacht Security Alarm and Monitoring System  links you directly to your boat no matter where you are in the world. You receive instant reports via voice, email or text message. Your secure personal web page shows vessel status, alarm history and event locations. Set safety zone boundaries and even control AC/DC accessories directly from your own computer.

• The freedom and liberty that you get from your boat can now be secured with Paradox Marine’s range of marine security and vessel monitoring systems and packages.

When the boating season is in the height of activity and docks and marinas have come to life, it's time to look into how a boat alarm system can prevent theft and help supervise your vessel for loss of shore power, high bilge water, extreme temperatures, movement and unauthorized boarding. Protect your ship from high water levels, gas explosions, power failures, as well as expensive repairs. Customized sensors are designed to alert against malfunction. We offer a choice of dependable, weather-resistant Security systems. All of our products are designed to detect and avert theft and high-water problems.

Aboard or afar, you’re right there.

Boat Alarm

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Paradox Marine is the exclusive marine distributor of the Marine Magellan wireless boat alarm and vessel monitoring system for Paradox Security Systems. • Paradox is and has been a leader in wireless security since 1989. • Paradox Security Systems are distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.
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